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Our burritos are available in branded paper butcher wrap, as well as PL foil and clear film packaging.

Paper Packaging

Tres Picosos branded paper packaged burritos are the most recognized packaging format with strong graphics to communicate authentic recipes and high-quality ingredients. Rotate from the cooler to the hot case and nothing goes out of code. 

Foil Packaging

Tres Picosos original packaging style is aluminum foil, because of its fantastic hot-hold time. Authentically Hispanic, foil packaged burritos are ready to be heated and merchandised hot. Use your store labels or ours. 

Clear Film Packaging

Tres Picosos burritos in clear film flow wrap packaging offer the most versatile burrito program options for retailers. Use your branding or ours! With the same high quality, craft batch authentic recipes, these burritos bring your customers back for more. 

Handling Instructions

Defrost frozen burritos under refrigeration. Thaw for 24-48 hours before heating.

Paper-wrapped Burritos

1. Open paper package to vent.
2. Heat Tres Picosos Burritos 1:30 minutes on high.

Foil-wrapped Burritos

Re-heat refrigerated burritos in a regular or toaster oven at 325ºF for 25 minutes.

Re-heat product in a steamer-style food warmer for 30-40 minutes on high heat.

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