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You Need a Better Burrito

Packed Full of Flavor

You don’t need another burrito.
You need a better burrito.


Uncompromising on quality ingredients, we bring a full line of authentic recipes to customers on the go nationwide.

Pick Your Packaging

Our flavors are available in branded paper butcher wrap, as well as private label foil and clear film packaging. 


Our amigo, Naughty Chile Taqueria, provides all the bulk components for Mexican foodservice.

It’s National Burrito Day!

We stand for better burritos!

On National Burrito Day, Tres Picosos celebrates burritos with the best quality ingredients. Who could be against burritos made with more filling, hot-hold tortillas, and bold Mexican flavors?

Authentic burritos should be celebrated all year long, not just on National Burrito Day!

Tres Picosos = Better Burritos for All

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Our Flavors

You know you want the burrito. A delicious hot Tres Picosos burrito full of flavor-packed hearty ingredients. From breakfast through lunch and snacks and dinner, Tres Picosos has mucho gusto! Whether foil-wrapped or in convenient paper, it’s food you know will be delicious every time you come back for more.

Bacon Breakfast Burrito

Everybody loves bacon! This breakfast classic with scrambled eggs, hickory smoke-flavored bacon, and hash browns smothered in a mild green chile sauce will hit the spot any time of day.

Picadillo Beef Burrito

Fresh ground beef, seasoned with spices, green chiles, and lots of chopped jalapeño for a spicy kick. Blended with tender potato chunks, tomatoes, and mild cheddar to smooth out the picante blast.

Pork Carnitas Burrito

Melt-in-your mouth pulled-pork carnitas, subtly seasoned pinto beans, and mellow Monterey Jack cheese, nestled in a soft flour tortilla, make for a mild, auténtico Mexican comfort food.